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truSculpt® Flex

Personalised Muscle Definition

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Muscle Sculpting

Vinesse Aesthetics at Westridge Medical in Toowoomba now offers truSculpt® Flex, a muscle sculpting treatment which simulates a great workout at the gym! This muscle sculpting procedure is non-invasive and provides a personalised solution for fat loss and building muscle. Now you can achieve muscle tone and contour with no downtime and with quick results.


HOW DOES truSculpt® Flex WORK?

truSculpt® Flex is a muscle sculpting device which allows for personalised treatments based on your fitness level, or your shape as well as your physical goals. truSculpt® Flex with MDS (Multi-Directional Stimulation) uses a unique method of electrically stimulating the muscle to target specific muscle groups. Direct electrical stimulation is delivered to the muscle to treat specific muscle groups. The low levels of energy released achieve high intensity deep muscle contractions. The treatments are especially designed to stimulate different workouts by replicating intense twists, squats, and crunch actions. After your treatment you will feel like you had a great workout at the gym and you’ll see results fast!