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A health assessment is a plan of care that identifies the specific needs of a person and how those needs will be addressed by the team at Westridge Medical in Toowoomba. The purpose of a health assessment is to gain a general understanding of the state of your health across your mental, physical, psychological and sexual wellbeing. Identifying diseases or other health issues early enables you to take a proactive stance on your health.

Why is a Health Assessment Important?

A Health Assessment is an important and often first step in identifying a patient’s problem and will help to identify the medical needs of patients. To do this, a physical examination is required, where the patients health is assessed after taking a medical health history.

In November 1999 the Federal Government initiated a yearly “health care assessment” consultation available through Medicare. All Australians aged 75 and over and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders aged 55 and over are eligible. We bulk bill everyone, pensioner or not for the service.

Overall a health assessment is a valuable tool in understanding the comprehensive appraisal of your health and provides an opportunity for you to ask any relevant questions that relate to your health. The service is fully bulk-billed. Call our reception team at Westridge Medical Toowoomba to make an appointment for your annual health assessment to get a realistic idea of your medical situation.

What’s does a Health Care Assessment involve?

A Health Assessment provides an opportunity for your doctor to take a thorough look at some of the health problems that you may encounter and create preventive measures to improve your quality of life. Some of the issues addressed will include:

  • How well you can perform your daily activities
  • Your nutritional intake
  • Risk of falls and injury i.e. review of home safety
  • Mood & risk of depression
  • Memory capacity
  • Vision & hearing levels
  • Social interaction and support
  • Heart attack, stroke & diabetes risk
  • Bladder & bowel function
  • Smoking & alcohol consumption
  • Immunisation status
  • Medications; prescribed and over the counter

Regular Health Assessments are important!

Reports show that 40% of deaths from cancer and 80% of deaths from type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke could be prevented by regular exercise coupled with following a healthy diet and quitting smoking. Preventable diseases claim the lives of thousands of people yearly, and are responsible for time and resources lost: in terms of time off and medical expenses incurred to treat them. 

Keep up with regular health assessments to stay on top of your health and to manage disease early.

Please book your Health Assessment appointment with a GP at Westridge Medical on 0746366884.