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At check-in, the reception staff may ask you to verify your personal details. We do this to make sure our records are up-to-date.

How Can You Access and Correct Your Personal Information at our Practice?

Access to information held by us about you will be granted on request in the manner requested by you, if it is reasonable and practicable to do so (for example, by email, phone, in person, hard or soft copy), unless one of several public interest exceptions apply (eg. giving access would pose a serious threat to life, health, safety, public health). If a patient requests a copy of the records be provided to them or to a third party, we are obliged to do so, unless it is impracticable. However there will be an administration fee to access your own records.

With the exception of children being the patient, we are unable to provide information about any patient to their immediate family without prior written consent. We will use / disclose information about child patients to their parents / guardians, except where a child is determined to be a mature minorby the doctor, and then that mature minor requests that their personal health information be kept from their parents.

We will NOT sell or otherwise use or disclose your personal or health information unless authorised by you, except where the use or disclosure is required by law, or where the disclosure of your health information is reasonably required due to a permitted health situation. We may charge these other entities for our intellectual property (the health information collected by us, and the clinical management, thoughts and processes associated with that health information).

Our practice will take reasonable steps to correct your personal information where the information is not accurate or up-to-date. From time-to-time, we will ask you to verify your personal information held by our practice is correct and up-to-date. You may also request that we correct or update your information, and you should make such requests in writing to our Practice Manager at admin@westridgemedical.com.au.

Correction of personal information (APP13)

We must take steps to ensure that the personal and health information that use and disclose about you are accurate, up-to-date and complete. We will ask you repeatedly to supply the same personal information (APP10).

If we hold personal or Health information about you that is incorrect, we will take reasonable steps to correct this information. If there is any contentious information, especially health information, both the information that we have collected and your version of that same information will be kept.