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Injured at Work?


If you have been injured at work Westridge Medical are able assist you in the overall management of worker’s treatment and help you with the important recovery to enable you to return to work. Treatment we provide to return you safely to work:

  • we are able to provide emergency and clinical care
  • we will help to determine the best method of rehabilitation for you and your injury
  • your GP will assess your capacity for work and provide you with work a work capacity certificate
  • your GP will liaise with your employer, where necessary, and develop a return to work program
  • your GP may refer you to a Allied Health professional or other services if required.

Westridge Medical aim to provide you with the best assistance in managing your treatment and recovery process.

How do i get back to work after an injury?

To get back to work after a work-related injury is an important step in recovering – and it can be a difficult and emotional journey. Westridge Medical is able to assist you in your journey to return safely to work.

Your GP will provide you with:

  • a Work Capacity Certificate
  • proactive, realistic, goal-orientated rehabilitation that will focus on you returning to work
  • communicate openly and regularly with you, with WorkCover and also your employer representative
  • we provide reports, feedback and updates on the your progress and/or any necessary amendments to your treatment plan

Your GP at Westridge Medical in Toowoomba may also need to visit your workplace as part of your injury management plan.

what is a work capacity certificate?

A Work capacity certificate – workers’ compensation is used to manage and determine an injured workers’ claim by insurers. This certificate was introduced by the Queensland workers’ compensation scheme on 1 July 2016.

Doctors, dentists and nurse practitioners are encouraged to utilise the Work capacity certificate – workers’ compensation in order to help promote a positive focus on the functional ability of injured workers and their successful journey to return to work.

This certificate is a key communication tool between the injured worker, insurers, businesses and health providers. The information on the certificate is used to assist all stakeholders to work in collaboration in order to support injured workers back to work as early and safely as possible.

What to do if i am injured at work?

  • First seek Medical assistance
  • Get a work capacity certificate from your GP
  • Tell your employer about your injury and provide them with your work capacity certificate as soon as possible
  • You must lodge your claim and include your work capacity certificate with WorkCover QLD (or contact your employer if they are self-insured) as soon as possible
  • Start rehabilitation as soon as possible … it has been proven to be very beneficial to the recovery process

Don’t ignore an injury which occurred in the work place, the earlier you start rehabilitation the quicker you are likely to recover and able to return to work.

If you have been injured at work, book an appointment to with a Doctor at Westridge Medical as soon as possible on 0746366884.