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Convenient contraceptive method


Contraceptive implants are available at Westridge Medical. This is a very effective and convenient contraceptive method, and is similar to taking the Pill. Discuss the option of the Implanon contraception with your GP in more detail if this option is right for you and your lifestyle. 

What is an Implanon?

The Implanon implant is 4cm long and is made of plastic. The device is inserted just under the skin on the inside of one’s arm. The procedure must be performed by a doctor or nurse who is familiar with the technique.

The Implanon then steadily releases a small amount of hormone over a period of three years. Like the Pill, it helps in preventing pregnancy and lasts for three years. The implant must be removed and replaced with a new one at the end of three years, however it can be taken out at any time by a doctor or nurse familiar with the removal technique.

How is the Implanon inserted and removed?

The Implanon is inserted and removed under a local anaesthetic as a small incision is required. This takes as quick as one minute and may leave a very small scar. The procedure of insertion and removal of the implant must be performed by a doctor or nurse who is familiar with these techniques.

Implantation doesn’t usually hurt, there may be some bruising and tenderness after insertion or removal. One can wear a bandage to help reduce bruising or tenderness.

Why Choose to use and Implanon?

The Implanon is the ideal contraception for women who:

  • Want effective and long lasting reversible contraception
  • Are willing to go through changes to their menstrual cycle
  • Find it hard to remember to take birth control pills
  • Don’t like other contraceptive methods or find them too unreliable
  • Are advised not to take the hormone oestrogen
  • Want contraception that lasts for 3 years
  • It can make your periods lighter and less painful and reduce PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) and acne.

When not to use the implanon?

The Implanon may not be suitable for women who:

  • Have liver disease
  • Have unusual vaginal bleeding
  • Take medicine which makes the implant less effective
  • Have blood clots in the legs or lungs
  • Are unable to take the hormone progesterone.

Is the Implanon an effective contraception?

The Implanon is known to work very effectively. Out of 100 women who use it for a year, less than 1 will become pregnant. Therefore it is proven even more effective than the pill.

Some medicines can reduce the effectiveness of the Implanon, please make sure your doctor knows about all the medications you are using before you get the Implanon inserted.

A contraceptive implant does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs); only condoms are able to provide you protection.

Implanon contraception Westridge Medical

Remember that the Implanon will not protect you from STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections) – only condoms can provide you with protection. Talk to your doctor about whether the Implanon is the best form of contraception for you.

Westridge Medical in Toowoomba offer both insertion and removal of the Implanon. Please call 07 4636 6884 to arrange an appointment to discuss whether this method of contraception is right for you.