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Boost Your Wellbeing

Westridge Medical in Toowoomba has the best IV Infusions to boost your physical and mental health. IV Infusions are an excellent way to replenish cellular levels, or to strengthen your immune system, to increase your energy levels and improve your mood. Or you may want to increase weight-loss or detox your body. We offer a wide range of IV Vitamin Infusions to help you take excellent care of yourself. 

Westridge Medical IV Infusions Toowoomba

What is an IV Vitamin infusion?

An IV (Intravenous) Vitamin Infusion is used to deliver essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to your body. This enables maximum absorption of all the nutrients your body needs. These essential nutrients are delivered directly into the body which then floods the body thereby feeding it the nourishment it needs at a cellular level. This process improves a wide variety of the body’s system functions and enables a larger dose of vitamins and minerals to be safely delivered into the body.