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Information on dealing with Westridge Medical without revealing your identity.

National Privacy Principles

Westridge Medical complies with both laws and the National Privacy Principles (NPPs). This act gives individuals the right to know what information a private sector organisation holds about them, the right to access this information and also make corrections if they consider data is incorrect.

  • NPP1: Collection of personal information by an organisation
  • NPP2: How an organisation may use and disclose personal information in its profession
  • NPP3: Relates to the quality of the data held by an organisation
  • NPP4: Organisations must take reasonable steps to make sure the personal information it holds is secure
  • NPP5: Requires an organisation to be open about what personal information it holds and its policy on the management of personal information
  • NPP6: Relates to access and correction of personal information held by an organisation about an individual, by that individual
  • NNP7: The use of identifiers assigned by a Commonwealth Agency
  • NPP8: Individuals have the option of not identifying themselves when entering transactions with organisations
  • NPP9: Regulates the transfer of personal information held by an organisation in Australia
  • NPP10: Limits on when an organisation is permitted to collect sensitive information