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HIFU is a revolutionary technology available to reflect a true surgical face-lift and it is an excellent alternative to needles and surgery. Enjoy the great benefits of anti-ageing, and face-lifting without surgery or needles. HIFU combats the signs of ageing by tightening, lifting and smoothing skin for an instant youthful look. You can achieve these amazing results, naturally!

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What is HIFU?

HIFU Treatment (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) targets layers of skin deep below the surface using focused ultrasound technology. It works to firm and lift drooping tissue. HIFU takes approximately 60 minutes, it is non-invasive, requires no surgery and  minimal downtime.

HIFU stimulates the growth of collagen which results in long-lasting, tighter, firmer skin; with fewer wrinkles and a glowing, youthful appearance – all just after one treatment.

HIFU does not leave any damage to the skin’s surface, as the ultrasound is focussed on specific tissue under the skin.


HIFU works best for those older than 30 with mild to moderate skin laxity, those whose skin starts to feel and look less firm. For example, loose skin around the neck area, or sagging under the chin, or those with with lines and wrinkles. 

A personalised skin diagnosis with our expert doctor at Westridge Medical is highly recommended in order to check your suitability.

If you have photo damaged skin or severely loose skin, you may need several treatments before seeing results.

HIFU is not recommended for people who have skin infections and open lesions at the target area, or with severe or cystic acne, skin fillers or other injectables in the treatment area.

You should not have HIFU treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have skin, heart, liver or kidney disease. Our doctor at Westridge Medical will ask you a few questions to understand your suitability before being accepted for the treatment.

HIFU is not a replacement for a surgical face lift, however if you are would like a lift and you are not ready for surgery, this may be the solution for you. HIFU is a great option for those who are younger and looking to prolong the need for plastic surgery.

What results can I expect from HIFU?

Some initial changes may be seen straight after your HIFU Treatment, however the real visible results will be revealed over a period of around 2-3 months, as your body starts to naturally regenerate collagen.

There are many aesthetic benefits of HIFU, including:

  • Reduction of wrinkles 
  • Skin tightening on the neck and décolletage areas
  • Lifting of the cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids
  • Jawline definition
  • Smoothing the skin
  • Reduction of Crow’s Feet, Forehead & Frown Lines

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients require 1-3 treatments to see optimum results, depending on the degree of skin laxity, the biological response to the ultrasound treatment and their bodies ability to build collagen.

Does HIFU hurt?

HIFU is mostly a comfortable procedure, the level of comfort can vary between patients. Any sensations that you may experience will only be felt during the delivery of HIFU. Mild discomfort along the bonier areas, such as the jawline, may be felt. Your skin may appear slightly flushed immediately after HIFU, but any redness will subside within a few hours after treatment.

After Care

HIFU has no downtime! You can return to your normal activities straight after your procedure without any post-treatment restrictions or requirements. 

  • Your skin may appear slightly pink or red around the areas of treatment, using cool water when washing can relieve this sensation.
  • The treated area may feel sore to touch for up to 4 weeks.
  • It is normal for slight to mild swelling to occur – treat with ice packs and a steroid cream if required.
  • Makeup can be applied immediately. We do recommend makeup with a mineral base. 
  • Soothing non irritating creams and moisturisers may be used.
  • Avoid sun exposure immediately after treatment and always apply 30+ sun cream.
  • Avoid using AHA/BHA’s and facial scrubs for up to one week after treatment.
  • For 2-3 days post treatment, be careful to not exert the treated areas. Light walking as exercise is fine.
  • Any symptoms that you may experience post-procedure like bruising or numbness are rare, and are temporary.

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