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Details on the types of personal information that is collected from patients at Westridge Medical.

How Do We Collect Your Personal Information?

It is the commitment of our practice to provide the best preventative care. To ensure that your care is tailored to your needs, staff at this practice encourage patients to identify their cultural background and/or ethnicity on their medical record. If you identify with a particular medical background, please let your doctor or reception staff know. Your personal health information is collected and used directly in association with your health care. It is a confidential document and it is the policy of this practice to maintain the security of medical records at all times. We will ensure that your information is only available to authorised staff or seek your permission before disclosing it to any third party.


If you have any concerns about your health information privacy, please let your doctor or reception staff know. 

Westridge Medical collects personal and health information about individuals for the principle purpose of assisting patients manage their health and improve their health outcomes (APP6). We may disclose personal and Health information to other health care providers in line with our principle purpose. Some information collected is collected as part of the necessary process of running a business (e.g. staff personal information collected in staff files)

We must take steps to ensure that the personal and health information that we use and disclose about you are accurate, up-to-date and complete. We will ask you repeatedly to supply the same personal information.

As a health provider we are required to use various government identifiers (APP9). These identifiers include Individual Healthcare Identifiers, medicare card numbers, Department of Veterans Affairs file numbers, Tax File Numbers (Staff), ABNs (suppliers and contractors), concession card details and Safety Net Numbers. We may disclose personal information about you to various government departments, and other entities for the purpose of billing those entities for the health services that we provide to you.

Patients can obtain an official pseudonym (APP2) in the form of an Individual Healthcare Identifier, by application to the Department of Health. We are required to identify patients either by Individual Healthcare Identifier, or some other form of identification. We are required to identify staff and contractors for many reasons, including taxation purposes, and police checks where appropriate.

Most of the information that we use or disclose will be provided by you, or by your carer (APP3 and APP5). Some personal and health information will be collected from other health care providers. There may be occasions where we are provided personal or health information that we did not request (APP4). On a case by case basis we will determine whether or not this becomes personal or health information that we use and disclose, or whether this is deleted.

Access to personal information (APP12)

We may write to you at your home address, or contact you via telephone, or via SMS (where you have agreed to SMS messages) to remind you of appointments, or to contact you about some results, or to suggest preventative health options (e.g. flu vaccinations)(APP7).

In the case of staff and contractors, we may contact you in the normal process of running our business.